Posted on Mar 21, 2018 in News

Australia’s foremost proponents of Post Adult Complaint Rock Front End Loader are back, with new album Neutral Evil.

Terrible Music by Terrible People about Terrible Things.

Front End Loader; according to the internet, “is an Australian rock band…formed in early 1991 in the Sydney suburb of Darlington”. This is true.

Front End Loader has never had a change of line-up, has never announced an “indefinite hiatus” and, unbeknownst to almost the entire population of the world, has continued to write, record and tour original rock music. The years have been downright mean to Front End Loader and, not content with merely catching up, time has lapped them while laughing maniacally.

Too young to be part of the glory days of the celebrated “Aussie pub rock scene”, too old to ever truly understand, let alone capitalise on, the various emergent platforms and channels of the modern music-delivery environment, Front End Loader wanders, like your drunk uncle at Christmas, in the family dining room that is the current Australian live music scene, occasionally and briefly entertaining your middle-aged cousin, sometimes catching your interest but most of the time just really embarrassing Nanna.

Facing the inevitable law of diminishing returns, growing financial losses, shrinking opportunities for both airplay and live performances, the clearest and most logical course of action is simple.

Front End Loader should obviously break up, cease and desist or to use the perfect word for the action; disband.

Front End Loader has therefore decided to release a new album, out in Australia via MGM and the rest of he unsuspecting planet through SUGARRUSH Music.

Australia’s foremost proponents of Post Adult Complaint Rock give you Neutral Evil.