Posted on Oct 14, 2017 in News

If you are looking for the word to describe one of this country’s much loved voices and artists right now it has to be resilience. Not even cancer bout number three could put Jackie Marshall down, recording her best work to date and ready to get back on the road with her new single “I’ve Been Wrong” penned with long-time friend Greg Cathcart (Silent Feature Era).

Always one to couch her self-reflective ideas in an everyman context – a core component of a songwriting style that has received so many accolades in her 12 year career – Jackie’s first release “I’ve Been Wrong” from the forthcoming album Lilith Shrugs is a country-tinged self-exploratory work with all the twists and turns you might expect from a Marshall track.


Soaring vocals, reverb soaked guitars – light and dark lovingly supported by some of the best musicians in the country. Recorded with long time brother-in-arms Leigh Ivin at Vale Studio located in a private valley just outside of Tamworth, the track is joined by B – Side – “Mrs John Henry” – penned by renowned songwriter Sean Sennett as part of his recently released album I Left My Heart In Highgate Hill, a collection of Sennett’s songs as performed by a carefully curated selection of prominent Brisbane women.

What’s always been so utterly absorbing about a Jackie Marshall performance and her music is that you’re witnessing a woman engaged in a clear and present struggle with her demons in your ears and on stage in front of you. Marshall’s always taken her battles to the stage and that’s where she fights best, gleefully disposing of challenges that might put the best of us down – and beckoning for more.

Marshall’s musicality is undimmed by her trials – in fact if anything it is what underscores the fire in her core and makes her one of the most powerful if underrated female artists in this country. She has that ability to transform mere chords and phrases into soaring epics that might sit convincingly between a prog epic by The Who and any Joni Mitchell song penned en route to Woodstock, a redoubtable talent and “that rare thing: an Australian original” (The Weekend Australian).

The release of “I’ve Been Wrong” is supported by a comprehensive tour. With further dates to be announced, you can catch Jackie Marshall in all her glory here:

Friday October 20: SUNSET STUDIOS Newcastle

Saturday October 21: SMITHS ALTERNATIVE Canberra

Wednesday October 25: COWSNEST Candelo

Thursday October 26: MARRICKVILLE BOWLO Sydney (with The Re-Mains)

Sunday November 15 HOUSE CONCERT Cudgewa*

Friday November 24: ARARAT LIVE Ararat Vic (with The Settlement)

Saturday November 25: HOUSE CONCERT North Coburg*

Sunday November 26: THE UNION HOTEL Melbourne (full band)

Sunday December 3: THE POWERHOUSE Brisbane (full band)

Wednesday December 14: JUNK BAR Brisbane (live acoustic recording)

Thursday December 15: BISON BAR Nambour

*For further details please see: