Posted on Feb 14, 2019 in News

Dave Orr has spent more late nights in bars than most, playing with some of the finest musicians, ripping through deep-hearted blues. His guitar prowess is re-knowned not just here – but across the world. There have been several incarnations for Dave – from Numbers Radio who had several high rotation singles on triple j, Anonymous Heroes, and his work with too many countless artists.

But The Dave Orr Band finally sees Dave releasing his first solo effort and it’s not just Dave’s guitar genius shining through – but his songwriting talent aswell.

After blistering sets showcasing the album across festivals this summer… The Dave Orr Band is set to release the album “As Soon as I Know” on February 14.

“Making an album is such a juggernaut of a project to embark on as an artist, especially when it’s your name plastered on it,” he says, “The last few years have been full of highs and lows and this record really documents many landmarks along the way. I’m so proud to be putting this body of work out into world finally!

“The title track, was written back with first incarnation of this band is a track about searching for something. Which is kinda never ending as an artist I think… The record feels like a bit of an autobiography, from the early days right up to now with tracks like “Valley Below” and the new single “Diamonds on my Dummy” I feel so fortunate to be surrounded with such ubertalented friends that put in there time to collaborate and believe in what we do. This town certainly does have some bad asses in it!

The album, produced by Brisbane legend Jeff Lovejoy, weaves itself around many a riff of blues, roots, rnb and ocassionally folk – but at the heart of it is some seriously great songs which show Dave Orr’s journey as an artist and a player and with a hell of a career ahead.

To celebrate –  The Dave Orr Band will kick off in Victoria with a number of performances in Feb followed by national touring throughout March, April and May.