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She may have been long considered one of Brisbane’s most consistently impressive artists, but in many ways it’s only now that KRISTY APPS is truly finding her place in music. She’s done the solo artist thing, smashed her SG in a rock band – but now joined with her band The Shotgun Shirleys Kristy has really come into her own.

And it’s the sound of confidence that rings through every note and word on the brand new KRISTY APPS & THE SHOTGUN SHIRLEYS EP – out this October through long time collaborators SUGARRUSH Music. The EP is the latest in an impressive catalogue of releases for the artist, the last being her much loved release ‘Pour Me Out’ which reinforced her spot as one of the country’s most genuinely powerful performers that has toured around the country (and the USA) earning plenty of radio and media praise in the process.

For this new release though, Kristy wanted to find something new and having spent some time playing with ‘The Shirleys – Ruth Gardner (guitars), Sallie Campbell (violin, mandolin, harmonium, vox), and Shiv Zimmerman (bass) – she found the creative balance she was looking for.

“There was a massive difference between this EP and my last EP in that for ‘Pour Me Out’ I started from scratch. I gave the producer an acoustic version of the tracks and we built them from there, so it was getting a new band and a new sound to some extent,” she says. “This EP, I had the sound, the songs we barely changed and it just felt like it was all there. This recording was about capturing the pure essence of the songs and the stories they told. The recording process was the easiest I’ve ever experienced.”

To make the record, the band headed south and spent the best part of a week tracking the songs live in the studio with acclaimed songwriter and producer Shane Nicholson who she says was “…so laid back but has this innate understanding of recording and producing music.”

“Working with Kristy and the band was a breezy gig for me,” Nicholson says of making the EP. “I just turned on a microphone, drank some coffee and listened to them play music for three days. And then they paid me! I hope I get to work with them again!”

Kristy explains the tracks that make up the EP are something of a retrospective on her life – none more so than the first single ‘MODEST IN ITS GLORY’.

“That song is like a Polaroid of memories and my perception of life. It touches on really special memories for me like “fighting with my mum on the way to the city, will we listen to the cricket or the Eurythmics, it was our Sunday ritual it always felt very very cool”. It’s really emotional but joyous for me to sing,” she says. “As much as it’s my story I hope it’s really resonates with listeners, it’s really about accepting you childhood and your life with all its bumps and bruises, sadness and moments that felt perfect and realising that sometimes they’re one of the same.”

The release of the new single and EP will see Kristy and the band hit the road for the first in many tours over the coming year or so. And she will be paying particular tribute to the many fans who contributed to her EP crowd-funding campaign.

“I find it hard to ask for help at the best of times let alone publicly to a whole bunch of people I don’t know,” she says. “After putting the campaign online and seeing people getting involved and leaving comments it made the whole project feel like a collaborative effort. I felt like I had this team of people who were wanting this EP to be made and were on board the journey with me, it was awesome.”

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.


September 12 – The Visy Theatre Brisbane Powerhouse (Women in Docs)
October 16 – The Longyard Hotel, Tamworth (with Allison Forbes)
October 19 – The Townie, Sydney (Chicks with Pics)
October 23 – The Front Bar,  Canberra (with Emma Wall)
October 24 – The Hepburn Springs Hotel, Victoria (with Emma Wall and Kerryn Fields)
October 26 – The Evelyn, Melbourne (Emma Wall, Nicolette Forte and Tigerlilly)
November 9 – The Bohemian Bungalow – Noosa
November 23 – Adelaide Feast Festival

+ more to be announced soon…
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