Posted on May 9, 2018 in News

Playing the blues is never as simple as it seems. It’s a balancing act between virtuosity and feel, rawness and finesse. Many try, but few seem to nail it like DAVE ORR. At the heart of his music is that unmistakably raw blues guitar. It’s the sound of late night whiskey bars, of musicians stretching themselves and just letting loose.

Dave’s reputation as a peerless guitar player has also seen Dave tour Europe and North America as a session musician. And it was while he was camped out in a friends 1950s caravan near Austin, Texas that the new songs started to really take shape. From acoustic picking to blistering solos, the songs not only showcase his jawdropping guitar work, but songwriting smarts earned from years making music.

The second single from his forthcoming album to be released late 2018 is Valley Below. It is as raw as it gets, with the new instalment capturing the band doing what they do best – playing live.

With minimal overdubbing the band set up in one room, amps and all, hung the headphones up and just played music the old school way. And the feel is just right. This track has all the shake and groove of a live recording.

The song is all about shaking off the bad vibes we all combat in our day to day lives, climbing our way out of the valley we can sometimes find ourselves in, and doing away with the things that try to drag us down.

Valley Below
Wouldn’t you know
Caught in a coma, shakin all over
Lord let me go.

Rockin’, real, and impossible to resist Dave Orr may be one of the country’s most experienced guitar players – with his best yet to come.

With a bunch of shows throughout 2018, follow Dave now at