Posted on Jun 18, 2013 in SR Blog
Maserati circa 2007

Ask anyone who has done it, and they will tell you pulling together the bits and pieces for new website is a bit of a mission – cut paste cut paste cut paste cut paste cut paste cut paste. On the upside though, not only are we over the moon to have a new online home, it’s been a great chance to look back at some of the wonderful bands we have worked with over the years. And few loom larger than Maserati.

How we stumbled across the band is a little hazy, but I do recall a CD being pressed into our hands by the one and only Jeff Millar – it was Maserati’s Language of Cities record and from first listen we fell deeply and madly in love. We’d long been into post rock instrumental stuff (Mogwai are like the Beatles in our house) but few bands can do it really well. In some hands it’s a genre that can come across as pointless noodling…but Maserati were (and still are) something else.

So, when it came time to launch SUGARRUSH as a label, there was only one band on our hit list. Just the idea of putting out this band was the clincher when we were tossing up starting the label. No, we had no idea how to release a band from the US but we tracked them down through MySpace (remember that?), spoke to the guys on the phone (OLD SKOOL) and we all agreed we’d just figure it out as we went.

Our distributor at the time thought we were nuts (“So, when to the vocals kick in?”) and radio isn’t that keen on playing eight minute space rock jams – but we didn’t see that as the point. This was a band we loved and we knew if people just had the chance to hear it, they’d ‘get it’ also. So, in 2007 we released their Inventions for the New Season album and, to this day, it still gives us goose bumps. It’s a sound of a band stretching their legs and trying to take their music in a new direction, a band breathing new life into a style of music that is so very hard to master. And with the inclusion of the late great drummer Jerry Fuchs, the band took a giant leap from great to stratospherically good.

No, it didn’t set any sales records. Nor did it become a crossover radio phenomenon. But that was never the point. What motivated us to start SUGARRUSH then is still the same thing that drives us today. Good music deserves to be heard, and great artists deserve to have someone in their corner.