Posted on Dec 16, 2018 in News

Jackie Marshall has always been in her element live, and that’s been beautifully captured with a powerful new live clip for the song ‘Darling Etc’.

Shot by acclaimed filmmaker and long-time friend Justin Brown, the clip was captured at Jackie’s recent Brisbane Powerhouse album launch. The track is the latest take from Jackie’s new album ‘Lilith Shrugs’.


Speaking to our good friends at Scenestr, Jackie said:

“Darling Etc.’ is a song inspired by a thing people do sometimes when they’re looking for love – they look and they look and they look until one day they realise that their lover is right under their nose,” Jackie says.

“A friend they hadn’t been able to see the true beauty of until a certain amount of time and learning had built up. Those love stories are magical and bring pleasure to all who witness them.

The weather the day of the Powerhouse performance also played a major role in the live rendition that was captured on film.

“There was a huge storm cell on the day of the [Brisbane] Powerhouse performance of this song – I could feel the energies gathering for the show well before we began, I called them in and let them out onstage as you can see. This was a special show for me, marking the end of a very difficult era and the beginning of a truly magnificent new one – so it was important for me to record the event; having Justin Brown and his team there was essential.